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Psychische Belastung und Beanspruchung in Dialyse-Einrichtungen - ein systematisches Review (Psychological stress and strain in dialysis staff – a systematic review)

As the number of dialysis patients increases, the psychological stress and strain suffered by dialysis personnel is of growing importance. For this reason a systematic review of the international literature was performed.

A search of relevant databases for original studies or reviews published after 1990 resulted in 20 articles. The quality of these studies was assessed and they were grouped according to their focused central issues.

Stress and burnout were examined in 10 studies and a review. Working conditions and working situation in general were examined in eight studies. The findings were heterogeneous and difficult to compare. The results indicate that employees in the dialysis sector are subject to moderate levels of stress and burnout. Job satisfaction seems to be good. The few studies that allowed for comparison with other professions did not reveal excess stress and strain in dialysis personnel.

The results do not indicate that dialysis workers are exposed to above-average levels of stress or strain. Nevertheless, there is room for optimisation and need for action in some facilities.

Der englischsprachige Artikel "Psychological Stress and strain in dialysis staff - a systematic review" wurde 2012 im Journal of Renal Care 37 (4), 178-189 veröffentlicht und steht auch in einer deutschen Fassung im Anhang zur Verfügung.

Autor(en): Böhmert, M.; Kuhnert, S.; Nienhaus, A.


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